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Tiffani Loraine Grispino is my favorite name, it’s a name that when I hear it I light up, it’s a name that when I write it, it comes out perfectly, it’s the last name I can’t wait to change when we become married. I can’t wait to call you Mrs.Tiffani Loraine Peters and we share the same name together, then it will be my favorite name of all.

The sound of your laugh is my favorite sound. It’s what I love to hear when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m mad or when I’m having a bad day. It makes everything better, It’s a sound I wanna hear on repeat. It’s a sound I never wanna go without.

Your eyes are my favorite color. It’s a color unlike any other and it’s absolutely beautiful. There’s no flower that comes close to the color of your eyes, there’s no season of leaves in the fall or the most breathtaking colors of the ocean that compare to the color of your eyes. I always see a sparkle in your eyes that I never want to see go dim, it’s a color I want to look at for the rest of my life.

Your hands are my favorite hands to hold. They’re my favorite hands to touch and kiss. They’re the hands that fit so perfectly into mine, like a lock and key. They’re the hands I want to wipe away my tears and hold my face when I’m sad, they’re the hands I want to feel slide across my back in the middle of the night, and your left hand is the hand I want to take forever. They’re the hands I want to hold for eternity.

Your smile is my favorite. It’s the most perfect smile I’ve ever seen. I love seeing it and I love when you smile when we kiss and I love that I’m a reason for that smile.

My love for you is endless, it’s something I’ll always have. My heart is yours and forever will be. I promise to give you my all, to give you my best and to give you every ounce of love inside me. I promise to be loyal and faithful to you, i promise to be honest and truthful, I promise to make you happy, I promise to make your life worth living for every single day. I promise to be the sunshine to your day and your stars at night. I promise to always remind you that you’re beautiful and that I love you. I vow to keep all these promises and more. They’re easy promises because I only want to make them to you and I’m in love with every promise I’m making. You’re my soulmate, my best friend, my number one lover and my future wife. I never want to live a day without you, without saying or hearing your name, without hearing your laugh, without looking into those beautiful eyes, without holding your soft and loving hands and witnessing that gorgeous smile. You’re my heart and soul and my entire world. I love you Tiffani Loraine forever and always.